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Cleveland known for its plenty of outdoor activities and adventure, including hiking, fishing, hunting, camping, and boating. While you are here, you can also discover the scenic beauty of Texas. Below are some of the top places to visit:

Cleveland Civic Center

It is 2.2 miles away from our hotel. The center hosts Wedding events, corporate meetings, and conferences. It has a spacious ballroom and 3 large and small conference rooms.

Lake Livingston

37 miles away from our hotel! This 39 miles-long water body is the third largest lake in Texas. Soothe your eyes amidst the serene water, and enjoy fishing and boating facilities.

The Retreat At Artesian Lakes

It is 26 minutes away from our hotel location. The place has amazing log-cabins and host lavish dinner and holiday parties. It is perfect for romantic getaways and open garden wedding parties.

Texan Theater

It is just 1.2 miles away from us. Enjoy the evening theater, dance performances, drama, and more at this newly renovated theater.

The Woodlands

Just 36 minutes away from our hotel. It is an entertainment zone that has boutiques, restaurants, and offers activities like skating!

Lake Livingston State Park

The park is just 28.7 miles away from our hotel. Take delight in Fishing, hiking, camping, and natural attractions.

Lone Star Hiking Trail

Learn all about the hiking from this famous club that was established in 1995. It is affiliated with the American Hiking Society. Just 22.8 miles away from our hotel location.

Sam Houston National Forest

This forest-covered area is a major tourist attraction and holds recreation activities like hiking, boating, camping, fishing, and more. It is 23.8 miles away from our hotel.

Sam Houston National Forest - Double Lake Recreation Area

Built-in 1937, the recreational zone allows picnic parties, fishing, swimming, and group camping. It is at a distance of 18.9 miles from us.

Grand Texas Theme Park - Featuring a waterpark (Seasonal)

Only 14 minutes away from the hotel location. It is a shopping and entertainment zone with a variety of dining options.

Petting Zoo

Enjoy the fun activities like Horseback rides and carriage rides! Kids age 3 and over are allowed to take part in fun activities like feeding and petting animals. Learn about the different farm animals from caretakers.

Speedsportz Racing Park

14 minutes away from our hotel. It hosts group events and also offers racing courses like Kart racing experience and more.