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Check Into Another World Through La Quinta Inns & Suites
Check Into Another World Through La Quinta Inns & Suites

Date: Mar 04, 2020

The majority of the people in their younger age put themselves unconsciously in either the right brain box or the left brain box and then later that choice defines what they are for the rest of their lives. Painting comes easiest to those who are mostly right brain people. This doesn't naturally mean left-brainers won't benefit from painting. Taking up a hobby like painting isn't just for the creative types.


Considering all the music and painting enthusiasts, Jamie Dawood, the organizer of BYOB PAINT NIGHT is passionate about bringing people together towards a common goal of enjoyment and relaxation. The guests will be taught about each step and insights and techniques to create your own masterpiece would be provided. Just bring your own wine or beer and rest don't worry about the canvas, paint, brushes, etc. Each of the classes would be an opportunity to create something of a masterpiece for you to take back home or to gift it to someone else. Painting along with soulful music and snacks will allow you to become more mindful which will ultimately boost your mental health.


It is wise to keep guests assured and updated about all the nearby and upcoming events in the town. Reckoning to the information of the current events, La Quinta Inns & Suites offers the best relaxation experience with several beautiful landscapes and nearby door recreation areas to explore. Along with Cleveland's plethora of adventure activities like hiking, camping, fishing, the guests residing in La Quinta Inns & Suits become susceptible to the scenic beauty of Texas.  

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